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Lethal Weapon (2016) Gets Another Awful Clip

They’re redoing ‘Lethal Weapon’ this year, for television.  In the above clip you can get a feel for the new show, or more precisely, how bad it’s going to probably be.

The show is described as a  police procedural comedy television series based on the film-series of the same name. The show stars Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs and Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh.  It was recently ordered to series although as I mentioned a while back, this is despite some negative words floating around about the pilot.

Matt Miller developed this show, with McG on as a producer and Jordana Brewster also starring.  A fifth Lethal Weapon is no longer happening, with Richard Donner and Danny Glover turning the project down, leading Mel Gibson to do the same.