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Gay Kiss Cut From New Tarzan


Looks like LGBT-ism is all the rage in movies these days. Recently Simon Pegg lobbied to politicize Star Trek lore and turn Sulu into a gay man, something original and gay actor George Takei denounced as ‘unfortunate’ since it was needlessly altering canon.  Something similar was also tried with Tarzan, sort of.

A gay kiss was filmed for the latest movie of that franchise, but the audience repelled the idea when shown a test screening of ‘The Legend of Tarzan’.

In the movie, they had a scene where Alexander Skarsgård was kissed by Christoph Waltz which was axed, apparently the audience found it ‘perplexing’.  Although Tarzan seems to have been unconscious when kissed by Waltz, so it looks like it’s still going to be Tarzan and Jane and not Tarzan and Wayne.

Director Yates said that although the creative team “loved it at the time,” early viewers felt a bit differently.  “Early test audiences were perplexed by it,” he said, “and in the end, it just felt too clever and overworked.”  That’s some amazing spinning right there, ‘we removed homosexual activity from this new Tarzan movie because it’s just too clever right now for the audience’.

Sure, David.