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The Predator Will Film At Mammoth Studios


Well this is it, we’re actually heading towards the first real Predator sequel in a quarter of a century, unless you count ‘Predators’, I know a lot of people don’t. ¬†After the likes of Beverly Hills Cop 4 was very close to pre-production, then died, stuff like this is never a sure bet until it actually gets physical.

Mammoth Studios in Vancouver are now talking about ‘The Predator’ as they prepare for work on it;

I did it! Day One on The Predator. No more crappy, artistically bankrupt and culturally irrelevant projects I would never pay to see. THIS is why I got into this end of the business. If I have to support somebody else’s dream until I can launch my own, let it be an awesome dream. Maybe this will finally get me to stop talking about the X-Files…

Also, what about those ‘secret labs’?

Perfect music for scouting secret labs…

But it does make you wonder, doesn’t it, about who the fuck is appearing in this movie. ¬†Specifically the lead actor. They’re keeping his name under wraps for a reason.