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Trailer: End Of A Gun (2016)

Along with this trailer, I’d like to announce something.  Steven Seagal is now a follower of ManlyMovie, on Twitter at least.  Mr. Seagal gave his approval of our recent Gene LeBell article and retweeted it, which blew up.  Naturally, ManlyMovie already followed Seagal, but now that he’s following back… this means that private messages are now possible.  Watch this space.

Now, here is a new trailer.  End of a Gun.

Action superstar Steven Seagal stars as a former DEA agent who strikes a deal with a mysterious and seductive woman to help her steal $2 million from a sadistic drug lord. Now he finds himself struggling to survive, on the run, and caught in a bloody game of cat and mouse. Grindstone Entertainment Group presents, a Steamroller Productions production, in association with Tadross Media Group, Parkside Pictures, and Mass Hysteria Entertainment, in association with Actionhouse Pictures.

I don’t know about you, but I like the brutal simplicity on display here!  A throwback to those old Charles Bronson flicks.