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Depardieu Shits On Hollywood, America & France


It appears that actor Gerard Depardieu is airing his trigger-worthy thoughts again.  He is supposedly not a fan of Hollywood or, in fact, America itself.  In Italy promoting his new book, Depardieu did not hold back on his thoughts on the movie industry.

‘Cinema doesn’t exist any more. ‘There is a world of entertainment and people, terrorised by the Americans, don’t know any more which language to speak. There are 10 stars and they are all American.  Their films are crammed with special effects… and the rest of the world of cinema is struggling to exist,’ he added during the interview on the occasion of the release in Italy of his autobiography Innocent.’

But while Depardieu took aim at America, he also had even stronger words for his own (disowned) country, France; ‘France is likely to become a Disneyland for foreigners, populated by imbeciles making wine and stinky cheese for tourists. There is no more freedom, people are being manipulated.’

Depardieu also recently scoffed at George Clooney  and Leonardo DiCaprio.  When Clooney announced that he was meeting with Angela Merkel to discuss solving the migrant crisis, Depardieu jabbed; ‘I fear the meeting went badly’.  That’s pretty epic sarcasm, re: the idea that only Clooney can solve this problem.  As for DiCaprio, Depardieu speculated that the ‘shit’ he was covered in in The Revenant was heated and, probably, perfumed.