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Trailer: Trespass Against Us (2017)

Check out the trailer for the upcoming British crime drama Trespass Against Us, starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson. The film, written by Alastair Siddons and directed by Adam Smith, is distributed by independent production house A24 and is slated for an early 2017 general release, having already premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Indiewire reports the synopsis as follows:

The film follows three generations of an outlaw family living in Britain’s countryside: patriarch Colby (Gleeson), heir apparent Chad (Fassbender) and young Tyson (Georgie Smith), whose future remains uncertain. When Colby learns of Chad’s dreams for another life he sets out to tie his son and grandson into the archaic order that has bound the Cutler family for generations. He engineers a spectacular piece of criminal business involving a heist, a high-speed car chase and a manhunt, which leaves Chad bruised and bloodied and with his very freedom at stake. With the law cracking down and his father tightening his grip, Chad is forced into increasingly desperate measures.

Fassbender and especially Gleeson are power-house actors, so it’s interesting to see them play out the father vs son dynamic. It’s giving off a strong At Close Range vibe, that 1986 James Foley film had son Sean Penn squaring off against crime boss dad Christopher Walken in a similar fashion. In any case, this one looks pretty good.

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