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Bianca Van Damme To Become Pro Wrestler


What has Bianca Van Damme, daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme been up to as of late?  While she has done the acting thing like her father, a new career pursuit is professional wrestling.

During an interview with Eric Bischoff last week, Hulk Hogan revealed that his daughter (Brooke Hogan) is entering the world of professional wrestling along with some other female celebrities, Van Damme’s daughter among them.

Although this is not a case of joining WWE, but a whole new female-orientated federation, which is yet to be named or tagged to a TV network.

I know one thing, professional wrestling isn’t easy.  Among other things they’re going to need a hefty insurance package in order to get things started, it’s injury city and steroids aren’t rife solely for aesthetic purposes.

Will there be a run-in from Jean Claude?!