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GIVEAWAY: Magnum P.I. The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Box Set


Well here is something special.  Magnum P.I. is not on Blu-Ray (to buy) anywhere in the world.  But lucky UK viewers are going to get it first, this December 12th.  Even better, we have another early Christmas present, with one reader getting this massive box set.

This release will retail at £249, the most expensive competition ever on this site, so whoever wins is going to have to work slightly for this one.  Magnum (Tom Selleck) drives a car in this series, which is it and what is its top speed? Easy answer, send to [email protected] and include a postal address.  This offer applies to residents of the United Kingdom only.

And now some information on this gargantuan release.

This release coming from Fabulous Films will comprise 130 hours of classic 1980’s television, across eight seasons and 157 episodes.  All here and restored in high definition 1080p.

An array of guest stars appeared on the show including Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), Frank Sinatra (Frank Fucking Sinatra!), Scatman Crothers (The Shining, Scat Cat in The Aristocats), Tyne Daly (Cagney and Lacey), Ted Danson (Cheers), James Doohan (Star Trek), Ernest Borgnine (Airwolf), Patrick Macnee (The Avengers), June Lockhart (Lassie, Lost in Space), Annie Potts (Ghostbusters), Jill St. John (Diamonds Are Forever), Marcia Wallace (Edna Krabappel in The Simpsons), Ian McShane (Lovejoy, Game of Thrones) and Angela Lansbury (as Jessica Fletcher in a Murder, She Wrote tie-in).

This release comes on December 12th, perfect for some Christmas binge indulgence! 37 discs!