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UPDATED: Lundgren Welcomes You To ‘Willits’


UPDATED: Scroll to the bottom to see the poster for this movie.  Man, what the fuck is that at the top of it?

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Added to Dolph Lundgren’s upcoming slate… yep, you guessed it, another VOD’er.  And minimal screen time too, apparently, with Lundgren filming for two days.  The movie is currently titled ‘Fist of Justice’, which could change.

The image below was uploaded by Shad Gaspard to his Instagram account, where he said he called on Lundgren’s tremendous experience and insight.  I’m sure it was good learning experience if you combine Lundgren’s IQ and time in the business.

Apparently Gaspard is a former wrestler with WWE, I cannot say much about the guy because like most, I tuned out when the WWF whored out to family orientated lucrative advertising.  Anyway, there isn’t much more available on this movie, but stay tuned…

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