From ManlyMovie – Merry Christmas – ManlyMovie

From ManlyMovie – Merry Christmas


Seasons Greetings from ManlyMovie and a Merry Christmas to all readers!  It’s time again to to flame a stogie and pick out a good violent 1980’s actioner with a Christmas theme. First Blood, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Lethal Weapon. 

Or even some of the stuff from the 1990s.  Fuck if anything from nowadays is worth a shit!

But really, thanks to all who helped the site tick over for another year.  A lot of cool people keep this site going, fellow fans like me who want to keep the fire lit on our niche and aggregate the good stuff.  Good job in filtering out the girlie man shit, men.  Thank you.

And now, time to consume some paint stripper and celebrate the birth of The Boss!