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Movies That Will Make You Gamble

Gambling is often seen as a masculine pursuit, so you can guarantee it makes its way into a lot of manly movies. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite gambling scenes in some truly top notch movies, get ready to put your chips on the table!

Casino Royale

It’s a staple in every man’s movie collection, Casino Royale. This was the first Bond movie to star Daniel Craig and his acting during the numerous gambling scenes is almost too good. At the climax of the movie, a freshly poisoned James Bond takes a seat at the high stakes table and defies the odds.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a high roller then this movie will be sure to have you in the mood. We wonder if the next Bond could possibly live up to this movie moment….


What’s manlier than watching a horror movie? The dark and gripping Babadook movie has a slight reprieve in the bingo halls. The hall in the movie is in a retirement home, though one resident acts like he plays bingo for actual money instead of for fun in the scene. The main character of Amelie is bored and depressed but decides to liven up the usual bingo time with a fresh and funky new call.

Unfortunately for her, this is much to the residents’ chagrin and they don’t take kindly to a change in the atmosphere. Watch out for that monster!

Owning Mahowny

It doesn’t seem all that long ago since Phillip Seymour Hoffman was gracing the big screen and this film is a lesser known gem. He stars along Dustin Hoffman to create a high power double act in this movie. Though it doesn’t glamourize gambling, the film will make you want to take that high stakes risk that you’ve been talking yourself out of.

Watch this if you love thrilling but heart-warming tales, the moments between these two amazing actors will be sure to transport you off the couch.


This film features a much younger Matt Damon, alongside veteran actors John Malkovich and Edward Norton. Matt Damon plays a plucky gambler who wants to enter the World Series of Poker, of course he has to get his impressive buy in together first! It’s only natural that he would do this by gambling his way to the top.

If only things were that simple, but for Damon he has his loose cannon best friend Norton to think about. It’s a great tale of overcoming the odds and how your friends can really help you in a pinch, if you let them!