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Top Five: Man Vs. Wilderness Movies

5) As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (2001)


It is time for a run down of one of those manliest of genres, the ‘man vs. wilderness’ setup.  When man is placed one vs. one against mother nature – and often the animals that belong to her.  Starting this list is a 2001 German movie about a soldier taken into Soviet captivity as a POW in 1945, then sentenced to 25 years hard labour, or basically a prolonged death sentence.

Based on a true story, Clemens Forrell escapes from a gulag and makes a desperate attempt to return to Germany over the harshness of the Russian wilderness of Siberia and beyond with only a handful of rations, which soon run out.  The long journey has a long story.  Some doubt its authenticity, but even if there are inaccuracies or exaggerations, it doesn’t remove from the quality of this movie.

To make matters worse, the Soviets are on his ass, he has to outrun them.

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