Check out this video from the making of Die Hard Trilogy – ManlyMovie

Check out this video from the making of Die Hard Trilogy

Die Hard Trilogy was one of the best games on the Playstation and definitely the best manly movie tie-in, in fact it’s the ONLY game I have for my PS1 today.

The following video has been on Youtube for some time, but I only discovered it the other day. It’s a behind the scenes home-movie shot by the makers of the game themselves and offers a fascinating insight into it’s development. Who’d have thought that such a fantastic game could have been produced by a modest looking little outfit in England (Probe – the same people who also produced Alien Trilogy for Fox) and the video features early demo footage from both games, including a level in Die Hard Trilogy where you take control of a hovercraft – I don’t remember ever seeing that in the final game. There’s also a level which was seemingly inspired by the viaduct chase scene in Terminator 2. These guys were well ahead of their time if you think about it. Furthermore, I think it’s worth noting that a lot of games just aren’t fun anymore, the emphasis seems to have shifted onto complicated gameplay, HD graphics and lots of tiny text on the screen which is too fucking small to read. What happened to games that you can just pick up and blow shit up?? However, I digress – enjoy!