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Video: Alien Covenant Gets A Prologue

20th Century Fox has released a four and a half minute prologue to Ridley Scott’s upcoming film. The short, entitled “Last Supper” introduces the crew of the colony ship “Covenant” enjoying thier final meal before going into cryo-sleep. Said crew includes an android named Walter, who happens to be the same model as David, the android from the previous film. As I understand it, whereas the original David was filling in for Ash from the original, as a treacherous baddie working for the company, Walter is actually a good guy, more akin to Bishop, from James Cameron’s movie. Obviously both of them are played by Michael Fassbender. The idea of the two androids who look identical but have seeminly opposed motivations coming face to face might be interesting, if that’s what happens.

What with everything we’ve heard about The Predator recently (and I’m inclined to stop referring to that film as Predator 3 since, let’s face it, it’s not shaping up to be the true Predator sequel that we deserve) I’m starting to pin my hopes on Alien: Covenant a little more. Hopefully it will be less pretentious than Prometheus (which I didn’t care for at all) and this time Ridley Scott will give us more of what we want, a bit of good old fashioned horror and excitement without too much bullshit.

Below is the poster for the film.