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UPDATED: Sonny Landham Loses Legs, Needs Help

UPDATED:  Well here is a video that seems to confirm the worst.  Sonny Landham is in a bad way, not many sites are covering this.  But fuck it, we’re going to!  Let’s help Sonny.

Gentlemen, it looks like Sonny Landham is in a bad way and may need our help.

Last Christmas he was in a bad car accident and had to have his right leg amputated.  KC Confidential reported at the time that his car slid off the road and hit a pole and was totalled. Obviously we didn’t know this at the time or it would’ve been updated here.

Now though the news seems to get worse.

This GoFundMe page has emerged saying Landham really is in a bad way, having lost not one but both legs;

Many of you may remember Sonny Landham from the movie “Predator” with Arnold and Jesse Ventura. He is known for his line “We’re all gonna die.” He recently lost both legs from a car accident. His wife then left him and he’s now living in a Holiday Inn Express in Kentucky. He has nothing left.
Sonny and I first met in Oakland, Tn. years ago. We then both traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah together for the Constitution Party National Convention. Sonny is one of us.
I am going to set up a Go Fund Me page for him. Please donate whatever you can.

It’s sad to hear about this and that practically no-one is talking about it.  It sounds to me like he’s one step away from being homeless.