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Vogt-Roberts Talks Metal Gear Solid Movie

A Metal Gear Solid movie has been in discussions (okay, development hell) for years.  At one point even Hugh Jackman was rumoured for the role of Solid Snake.  Every now and again it pings back on the radar and here is the latest update from Jordan Vogt-Roberts;

Metal Gear is something I’ve been attached to for a long time. It’s a movie I fought tooth and nail to try and attach myself to because it is potentially the most precious property on this Earth to me. And it is one of the most tricky and idiosyncratic properties on the planet, where the creator’s voice, Hideo Kojima, is a genius.

It would also be one of the easiest properties for Hollywood to mess up. Luckily, there are very smart producers on it. It’s the type of thing where it would be very easy for Hollywood to be like, “Oh, it’s like Mission: Impossible!” No, it’s not Mission: Impossible. “It’s like G.I. Joe!” No, it’s not G.I. Joe. Metal Gear Solid IS Metal Gear Solid and can only be Metal Gear Solid.

It is an incredibly tricky thing to adapt because of how specific the tone is. Kojima’s tone is so brilliant in what it does. The tone of this movie at times could take itself very seriously, be very intense, and then next moment, it can be very goofy and very sort of out there. There is no other property on the planet that I would want to protect and shepherd more than the Metal Gear Solid property.

We are working on a script and have great producers. The goal is to get the script right and do justice to a movie that is unlike anything else that exists in movies or video games or anything. It’s one of the most influential properties in my life. And I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know the creator over the last couple of years. Just to be able to spend time with him is great.

I hope they make it, it could be good.  But if they do I hope it’s based around the 1998 game, personally, that’s my favourite and I always felt the games that followed because too overwritten.  I would suggest someone like Gary Oldman as a villain.

Does this bring back memories?

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