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Underrated Manly Movies: Part VII

5) The Brink’s Job (1978)

Time for another rundown of movies that are either underrated or lesser known, or both, for those stuck and in need of a good fresh movie to watch.

In no order we’re starting with heist caper The Brink’s Job, 1978.  Remember Columbo (Peter Falk)?  Well he appeared in a robbery movie, directed by William Friedkin, helmer of To Live & Die in L.A. and of course The Exorcist.

This is a comedy.  And Falk plays a foul mouthed felon with an eye on an armoured truck depository.  He wants to bust into it and take a massive amount of loot.  Kind of like Rocky’s scummy but likeable cousin.  Even better, during production real thieves stole the reels to the movie and demanded a ransom.

But since the studio had the negatives, Friedkin told the pissants to keep the movie and watch it. Funny, eh?

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