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Introducing The Manly Movie Hall Of Fame

I noticed something in the comments section the other day, so this was shamelessly stolen from Mucho Macho, or not, since he’s fully a part of the team here.  We’re going to introduce the Manly Movie Hall of Fame.

And for our first introduction, I can think of no better person to receive the honor than Big Charlie himself.

Perhaps no-one, even the 80’s gym heads or the 90’s laymen, come close to Bronson.  Maybe he epitomizes the site better than all.  We’re already having some notable backing on Twitter for this option, after Anoyster created the banner, Steven E. De Souza liked it straight away, along with Bronson’s old friend Carl Weathers himself;

Many have imitated Bronson, but none have matched WW2 veteran, who was wounded in battle in the hell of the Pacific Front.  Here’s to you, Charles.  The only question is, how do we follow on from Bronson?  Who could be a worthy follow up?