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Jake Busey Joins The Predator Cast










Here is a tidbit of news which might finally spark some positive interest in Shane Black’s Predator sequel again. Jake Busey is following in the footsteps of his father and will be appearing in the film. His role is unkown, but readers of this site will be well aware that Gary Busey played Peter J. Keyes in Predator 2, an agent who, together with his team, was intent on capturing “a fucking alien.”

Although he’s not exactly a big star, his career never really seeming to have taken off, Jake Busey does have some of his old man’s charisma and I for one think he has a likeable screen presence. Apparently, he just finished filming season 3 of the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. The question is, will he be playing the son of agent Peter J. Keyes, perhaps seeking revenge for his old man’s death?  That would provide Black’s film with a more tangible connection to Predator 2, the last real Predator film, and that would be welcome at least.