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Robert Rodriguez Directing Escape From New York?

Things are moving on the new ‘Escape’ movie.  THR reports that 20th Century Fox is eyeing Sin City director Robert Rodriguez to helm their remake of John Carpenters dystopian action classic.

It’s apparently not going to be a reboot though, a while back The Wrap and Bloody Disgusting reported that the film will actually be a prequel that aims to complement the Kurt Russell-led classic.

Kurt Russell starred in the original as Snake Plissken, a criminal tasked with rescuing the President of the United States after the downing of Air Force One. The President’s escape pod landed on Manhattan Island, which has been converted to a maximum security prison completely run by the criminals that inhabit it. Adding to the complications, Snake has one day in which to get him back – otherwise he’ll be killed by a poison in his system.

This is better news, I’m more interested in that than some ‘remake’.  Also, isn’t John Carpenter on board this movie as a producer?  Maybe it won’t be so bad.