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Statham Ready For Kidnap Thriller

Jason Statham is preparing to appear in a new Asian-based thriller, a kidnap thriller to be exact.  Directed by Kurt Wimmer, the currently untitled project has a genre somewhat funnily listed by Road Pictures as ‘Action Criminal’ (possibly summing up Statham’s career roles).


Jason, an ex-Formula One champ turned VIP chauffeur, is hired to drive a Japanese princess during the ceremonies of the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover to China.But when the princess gets kidnapped, Jason becomes the prime suspect. Arrested, he is interrogated by Beijing’s best investigator, Lien-hua. Convinced he is innocent and can help find the princess, she lets him escape.Tracked by the local police, they race against time to rescue the princess in time for the ceremony.

This wouldn’t be the first time Statham appeared in a kidnap thriller, he once starred as the baddie alongside Kim Basinger in Cellular (good movie).