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[VIDEO] The Godfather Cast Reunite

More Godfather talk today.  Check out the cast reunite in the video above.

The 90 minute talk covered a wide range of topics, including on the difficulty of even getting the first Godfather made—which included Paramount’s unwillingness to cast Marlon Brando or Al Pacino in what would become iconic roles in cinema history. Coppola himself was almost fired, but during the Q&A he revealed how he made some adjustments to appease the studio while keeping the integrity of The Godfather intact. Of course when it came time to make The Godfather Part II, it was much smoother sailing.

It seems that third movie is still the red headed stepchild.  Are we really still suffering this problem?  Being en vogue to shit on the third movie?

Also for those who may have missed it, Brando reunited with De Niro in The Score in his last movie role.  That was another good movie, a great heist movie in fact.

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