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New Van Damme Fight Scene Doubling Is Hilariously Bad

A new fight scene from a Jean Claude Van Damme actioner has surfaced online.  Above, you can see the scene courtesy of IGN.  Now, you tell me, is this a new low for Jean Claude Van Damme?  We know these guys like to show up and not do too much work, using editing techniques and such to get around their small screen time.

But man, wearing a fucking mask with a double half your age, with a different body type and different voice.  This is hilarious.  As soon as I seen the masks, I knew that one would be pulled off to reveal Van Damme.  Obviously the whole ‘narrative’ of the mask wearing was built to facilitate the inability to afford JCVD.  Surely now, Walter_B will get some ideas from this?  Oh wait, Bruno doesn’t even watch his own movies!

The synopsis: A fast paced action/thriller, where Die Hard meets The Usual Suspects.

The movie is directed by Peter Malota.  It’ll also star Peter Stormare and Kris Van Damme.  This will be Malota’s first directorial venture but he appears to have worked with Jean Claude Van Damme in stuntwork and other areas all the way back to Double Impact.

The movie reunites Jean Claude Van Damme and Daniel Bernhardt for the first time. Jean Claude Van Damme starred in Bloodsport and Daniel Bernhardt in Bloodsport 2, 3 and 4.

This movie will release June 6th.