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Angel Has Fallen Nabs Director?

Always good to hear something from the Fallen series, Gerard Butler’s modern reflection of old 1980’s actioners.  Now there is news from Deadline on a potential director for the the third in the series (Angel Has Fallen):

Ric Roman Waugh is eyeing the director’s chair to Angel Has Fallen, the next installment of the Olympus Has Fallen franchise. Gerard Butler is set to reprise his role as secret service agent Mike Banning with Morgan Freeman on board to return as well.

For those unaware, he is the director of Snitch, next week’s Shot Caller and probably most impressively, Felon.  So, we could be on to a winner here, minus Avi Lerner’s horrible CGI outsourcing.

In the third movie, terrorists come after Banning and Air Force One, shooting it down.