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20 Years Ago We Got Tarantino’s Best Movie

Christmas 1997 is when Quentin Tarantino released his best movie, and last good movie.  Jackie Brown is 20 years old.  Actually, it’s probably debatable on whether or not Reservoir Dogs is his best effort, but to me it’s Jackie Brown.

Brown is probably Tarantino’s best script/story, the most well rounded of his films and the most ‘grown up’ one.  Great pacing, great characterization (with characters enjoying a bit more Coens-esque subtlety) and a great ending.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when Tarantino went full blown retard-pastiche with Kill Bill.  And that was in the middle of my film snob phase.  Why can’t Tarantino make another movie like this, instead of making frat house gimmick trash like The Hateful Eight?