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The Top Five Manliest Movies Of 2017

5) Panfilov’s 28 Men/Review By Night Rider

Well, there is another year wrapped up.  And now we’re going to take a look at the manliest movies released in 2017.  Starting with the beautifully filmed, yet relatively unknown Panfilov’s 28 Men.

It’s nice to see a war movie show up now and again that does things the old way, even if we have to look in non-English areas.  Little to no CGI, location scouting (you know, instead of saying ‘fuck it, let’s blue-screen’), real vehicles, no camera shaking and so forth.  I gotta say, Russia is starting to move along in terms of making big movies, their industry is starting to find its feet in emulating Hollywood in their own way.  And Panfilov’s 28 Men is a fine war movie.

It was filmed in native 4K, so seriously, we need it on UHD.  War at night, in the snow, never had such expert lighting and cinematography.

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