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More Creed II Story Details

Creed II is probably one of the biggest films coming over the horizon.

Cheo Hodari Coker, who wrote the sequel, in a new interview with Slashfilm discusses his aim with the new film:

“It’s about the legacies of sons haunted by their fathers. Even though Drago is alive, his son is haunted by him because Drago is a broken man who is trying to rebuild himself through the son. Apollo Creed isn’t broken but because Apollo died, Adonis Creed is still haunted by his father’s death and how it defined him, what it is it means now to be a champion. He’s aspiring to be a champion but also at the same time trying to figure out who it is he is. Particularly with Bianca, particularly also because he’s got Rocky who at this point becomes the new Mickey.”

Stallone worked with Coker on later drafts, but Coker says his love of the first Creed made sure the film served as a proper sequel to that as opposed to another Rocky film:.

“The first Creed is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I cried like a baby when they got to that scene when he’s like, ‘Why are you doing this, kid?’ and he’s like, ‘I just want to prove that I wasn’t a mistake.’ I’m sitting there, oh my God, I was verklempt, man. A lot of black men that have issues with their fathers, when they saw that scene, it became our Brian’s Song. It became our Remember the Titans. It became one of those movies that it is acceptable for ‘macho’ men to cry during. So the opportunity to work on Creed II was definitely something that I fought for, something that I couldn’t pass up. Later on, when I got to work with Stallone on the draft, that was a dream come true.”

The Dragos return for Creed II to shake things up.  Ivan Drago will supposedly return by confronting Rocky Balboa in his restaurant.

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