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Sollima Talks Call Of Duty Movie

The idea for a Call of Duty movie is an old one, but one that has came back onto the radar.  Stefano Sollima, who will in fact direct the sequel to Sicario, is reportedly in negotiations to get this thing going as director.

Kieran Fitzgerald will write the script and will develop with Sollima while Stacey Sher and Nick van Dyk are producing.  There is no word in which direction the film will go in.  The games cut their teeth as WW2 shooters, but didn’t become ‘original’ stories until they went modern.

Now Solima has said the following about the movie to Slashfilm:

“I think it’s more the idea, the concept to tell a story of a soldier. It’s something you haven’t seen a lot. There’ve been a lot of war movies but not soldier movies. I feel that a movie must be completely different as an experience from any video games. So meaning that in order to make a good movie based on a video game, you have to betray the structure. You must ignore the idea that they did a video game. You need to create something that is completely new and a great movie.”

This will be a hard nut to crack.  COD has passed its prime, even if it still sells strong.

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