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New Book Tracks McTiernan’s Rise & Fall

We haven’t heard a lot about John McTiernan recently.  And for sure his downfall has been convoluted and full on intrigue, hard to keep up with as it happens.  A new book though promises to go in-depth on the rise and fall of possibly the best director ever.

Below is the synopsis for Larry Taylor’s John McTiernan: The Rise and Fall of an Action Movie Icon.

John McTiernan is one of the most influential action filmmakers of his generation. Educated at the American Film Institute and influenced by European cinematic style, he made his name with a trio of groundbreaking action films PredatorDie Hard and The Hunt for Red October.

His later output was a mixture of successes and failures, including Last Action Hero, one of the most colossal misfires in Hollywood history. His career and personal life unravelled when he was indicted and briefly imprisoned for involvement in a wiretapping scandal.

Drawing on extensive research, the author covers McTiernan’s tumultuous life and career, from his early triumphs through his extensive legal battles and his multiple attempts at a comeback.

The book is available on Amazon now, both new and used.  It is 222 pages long.