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Trailer: Legend Of The Ancient Sword

What has Die Hard 2: Die Harder director Renny Harlin been up to recently? Answer: Still hanging out in China and making movies there. See above, there is the (Mandarin/Chinese) trailer for Legend of the Ancient Sword.

The film is derived from a 3D role playing video game originally developed by Shanghai Aurogon and published in 2010 by Gamebar. A TV series was previously produced.

Alibaba purchased rights to the second game and has plans to turn it into both a TV series and a possible three movie series. Harlin is connected only with the feature movies.

But then, Harlin hasn’t cooked up a good movie in a long time.  Will this one be any different?  Is anyone holding out hope for this?

Also, if you’re wondering WTF you just watched… get in line!