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Review: Mission:Impossible-Fallout (2018)

During the 1990s there was a trend in Hollywood that consisted of making feature films based on old television shows. Some were successful, others not so much. We got a great fucking movie like “The Fugitive”

But we also got movies like “McHale’s Navy” starring “The still talkin about Roseanne after all these years” Tom Arnold

& this other thing

In the summer of 1996 it was Tom Cruise’s turn to headline one of these movies and his vehicle was “Mission: Impossible”.

A lot has changed in the 22 years since the first “Mission: Impossible” movie came out but at the same time other things have remained the same. I’m still the same asshole I was 22 years ago & Tom Cruise is still making movies in which he’s running like a madman trying to prevent the world from ending.

Tom Cruise’s latest motion picture is the  sixth installment of the “Mission:Impossible” franchise, “Mission: Impossible- Fallout”. Surprisingly this series in 22 years has not replaced it’s main character, has not being remade , rebooted  or refucked. If we were to go by history, this franchise should have ran out of gas by now and we should have been on the “Let’s reboot the franchise with an all female cast playing characters that work for the “Nasty Women Government Agency” who are working tirelessly to bring down those Evil Sexists Corporate Bastards.”

But instead the sixth installment of this franchise is the best action movie I’ve seen all year. “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” kicks fucking ass!


Once again Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt & this time around Hunt leads his  IMF team who are forced to work with CIA assassin August Walker played by Henry Cavill to find 3 plutonium cores that went missing at the beginning of the movie on a undercover assignment gone wrong. The story is a continuation mainly of the previous “Mission: Impossible” film that was directed by the only returning director of the franchise Christopher McQuarrie. Cruise & McQuarrie have definitely become an amazing duo cause I have enjoyed all their collaborations.

This film is an incredibly well-made action picture. From the car chases, to the helicopter chase, to the foot chase to the fight sequences, this film delivers. This film works because McQuarrie still thankfully has not been infected completely by the “Shaky-Cam Virus” & him & Cruise insist on doing a lot of great stunts the old-fashioned way, meaning doing them for real and not shoot an entire action movie on a studio in front of a green screen.

And I must give Tom Cruise all the respect in the world. The guy is doing stunts that make you question his sanity but not his balls. We often make fun of guys here on this site ( cough cough Bruce Willis cough cough) for looking completely uninterested and bored on extended cameos in their so-called films. That is not to say that we don’t know that this is a job to the actors and they don’t enjoy getting paid, our critique falls on how they go about it mostly. If you did a project for the money fine, but at least use the money as motivation to put some effort into the fucking thing. Truthfully I don’t recall watching a Tom Cruise movie in which Tom Cruise was not trying. Sure some are better than others but that’s why he has avoided being in films that were considered complete disasters because the guy puts a lot of effort into his work and I respect that as a fan.

This is a film that deserves to be seen on the big screen I happened to watch it in IMAX and it was well worth the money. The “Mission : Impossible” franchise in my book is 6 out of 6 and even though this chapter might be hard to top I say bring on the next.