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The Old Van Damme Is Back: Bouncer Trailer #2

Forget all those shitty Jean Claude Van Damme movies of recent times (most of them anway), The Bouncer is going to raise his stock again.

This looks like it could be an impressive film.  It doesn’t look cheap and looks like it plays to Van Damme’s strengths and acting style/mood.

Van Damme will star as Lukas, a nightclub bouncer in his fifties who’s taken punches, literally and figuratively, and struggles to raise his 8-year-old daughter. One day, Lukas loses control during an altercation with a client and ends up in jail, while his daughter gets placed under the care of social services. But things take an unexpected turn when Interpol recruits Lukas to bring down a Dutch ringleader operating from Belgium in exchange for his daughter’s custody.

The movie had a budget of 10 million dollars.