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The Predator To Be ‘Super Divisive’ Among Fans

The Predator was at Comic-Con.  Footage from the film was shown to fans there, but it won’t be released online.  Instead, a composite poster has been released, a Predator’s face using human bones and skulls (see below).

But about that footage.  Collider says it’s going to be ‘super divisive’…

Today at Comic-Con, Fox unveiled the first extended footage for Shane Black‘s The Predator during the studio’s Hall H panel, and I’ve never been more certain that this movie is going to be super divisive among franchise fans. This is a Shane Black movie with all the quipping and snarking that comes with that descriptor, and Black is playing free and loose with the mythology in a way that has proven to drive traditionalist fans nuts. Me? I am way the hell here for it.

The author goes on to say that the footage shown is ‘downright hilarious’, but concedes that this tone, humor, is going to drive a lot of fans nuts, we’re going to dislike it.

Here’s that poster…