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Critics Slam ‘Dragged’ As ‘Bigoted’, Zahler: I Don’t Care

The people over at The Daily Beast are raging hard.  The type that is ill-advised and likely bad for your actual physical health.  This month, the hate Mel Gibson (nothing new) but also S. Craig Zahler.  They’re currently shitting on his new masterpiece Dragged Across Concrete.

First, the obligatory ‘fuck Mel Gibson’ snub.  Mel, says The Daily Beast, has a ‘fuck you’ attitude which earns him supporters;

This fuck you attitude, coupled with a rich history of racism, misogyny and homophobia, has elevated Gibson to folk-hero status among the far-right. He is their Oprah.

Then it’s time to move on  to whining about Zahler’s new movie.  There isn’t enough virtue signalling but worse,  the movie is replete with what they deem as the opposite of virtue signals.

“Zahler’s latest is a cold-blooded saga that revels in the violence it inflicts on women and minorities, in particular.”

The screed continues;

There’s a lot more objectionable nonsense in this film, from Gibson and Vaughn’s characters prattling on about how gender lines have been erased, to a black character (Tory Kittles’ Henry Johns) whose grammar is constantly corrected by the white men around him, to a black woman who rails against her “cock-sucking faggot” of a husband for leaving her for another man.

What they deem to be ‘objectionable nonsense’ is disposable dialogue likely to be found in every police locker room not only in America or the western hemisphere, but the entire world.  Realism in gritty movies is ‘objectionable’ in gritty movies now.  I see, got it.  Most people also acknowledge a typical cop as an asshole.  We need to work on removing that too.

Elsewhere, Zahler has spoken of how his movie is politically incorrect (these days, synonymous with representational).

”Zahler also acknowledged that he’s not making films for everyone. “I’m not chasing the biggest audience and I’m comfortable with losing some of them. There are obviously remarks that are throwaway jokes and there are lines that aren’t politically correct,” he said. “There are lines that will get people to hate me, and that is your right to do so. I hope that there’s enough of an audience that it’s a success to get to the next one.”