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Seagal Walks Out Of BBC Interview

Steven Seagal was interviewed on BBC Newsnight recently. The interview didn’t go too well.  As the interviewer asked Seagal about his relations with Russia, things quickly turned sour when she quizzed him on sexual assault allegations.

You’ve been very much caught up in allegations of sexual harassment.  You’ve had a rape allegation against you.  And I wonder how you deal with all that.

Seagal then pulls out his earpiece and walks off, struggling with the microphone.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office announced in September that it had declined to press sexual assault charges against Steven Seagal.

The announcement came from the special task force created by the DA to investigate sexual assault allegations in Hollywood. The task force ruled that the statute of limitations had expired on the alleged assault.

The allegation was severe; rape.  On Seagal’s part, he denounced the allegations as politically motivated.