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Thought Police: Indiana Jones, Han Solo Are ‘Sex Predators’

The above video is from ‘Pop Culture Detective’ (or ‘Thought Culture Detective’). It argues that popular Harrison Ford characters Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Deckard from Blade Runner are sex predators.  Hilarious or disturbing, you pick.

In case you weren’t aware, stealing a kiss in a classic movie, in a context where the woman is already clearly into the man, is now sexual assault.  This is how far into the deep in we are now. We know because some man straight out of the indoctrination factory told us so.  Probably, this was picked up in a ‘work shop’.

Who are the likes of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott or indeed Harrison Ford to argue?  What would the late Carrie Fisher have said about the above ‘analysis’?  Assuredly, it would’ve been scoffed and laughed at.

Anyway, what needs to happen is we ‘progress’ towards re-tooling these movies and censoring these abhorrent scenes.  This toxic masculinity must stop, and with today’s technology we can CGI in some consent forms from the man prior to the scene.