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The King Is Dead! All Hail The King!

After rumors of a new game, and even stronger rumors of a movie, it appears it is all over for The King.  Jon St. John has updated followers on Twitter with an update on Duke Nukem’s big movie.  It seems that it is not happening.  Worse, a game ain’t happening either.

The obvious question, how does a Duke Nukem movie get funded and made when the core theme is directly at odds with Hollywood (i.e. chauvinism, to say the least)?  The answer; it doesn’t get made, apparently.  Video games are more of a battleground for political ideology right now than even Hollywood, because video games and video gamers are stubbornly holding out against political bullshit.

The last Duke Nukem game was torn to shreds for being too ‘conservative’, and this was before ‘Gamergate’ even became a thing.  So it appears that Duke will not be permitted to be Duke and no new game will be made.

Makes sense if you think about it.  A growing number of games ‘journalists’ are purple haired feminists… can you imagine the uproar if The King was gun slinging on the Planet of the Babes?  I’m not joking when I say that the developers would probably receive death threats.