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Snyder Filming Dawn Of The Dead Sequel

A lot of people will agree that Dawn of the Dead (2004) was one of the few good remakes out there, which by the way followed Night of the Living Dead (1990) which was also a good remake.  Zack Snyder originally intended to film a sequel, Army of the Dead, which was cut off because of his Watchmen project.

Of course the 2004 movie got a de facto follow up, but no-one, rightly, wants to even remember that.

The script of Army of the Dead was written by Zack Snyder and Joby Harold. Filming for Army of the Dead was to start once they got a director as the producing studios had approved the script. Also according to Deborah Snyder, the film was set in Las Vegas, and the town had to be contained to stop the outbreak of zombies.

The new film will see a band of criminals try to pull off a heist, as everyone else is fleeing in panic.  Makes I suppose, someone would definitely do that in that scenario.

Snyder also direct and produces this one for Netflix.

The film will reportedly have a budget of $90 million.  This is more than the $25 million budget for Snyder’s first effort, so it’s not exactly a trashy VOD project.  Snyder tells The Hollywood Reporter: “No one’s ever let me completely loose. There are no handcuffs on me at all with this one,.”