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UPDATED: The Soundtrack They’ll Never Let You Hear

UPDATED:  Well, YouTuber Nick Marinelli has uploaded this to his YouTube Channel.  Where he got it, I’m not quite sure, but he sent it in and it is an impressive find.  This is the first time this has ever been released to the public.  I wonder if it’ll stay up, supposedly (maybe), there has always been an ownership tiff over this.

Sounds like the real thing, too much of a composite to be a cover.


If you remember The Running Man’s soundtrack, you’ll probably recall that it had an awesome synth theme tune for the actual TV show.  Although Harold Faltermeyer’s soundtrack has been released on various formats over the years, fans of the movie will probably notice that the above piece has always been missing.

It’s titled Paula’s Theme, but appears to be the subject of controversy over who composed it and who actually owns it.

While it sounds quite Faltermeyer in its composition, in the credits for the movie it is credited to Jackie Jackson and Glen Barbee.  So the former may have actually written or been behind the inception of the tune, while Faltermeyer may have composed it.

But why has it never been released?

One rumour suggests that Paula Abdul may have actually acquired the rights to the theme and refuses to relinquish it – but keep in mind that I only gleaned this from irate YouTube comments, referring to her as ‘selfish’ and such.  And of course YouTube comments are hardly a concrete source of information.  It does make you wonder though, what’s behind the title Paula’s Theme?

Paula Abdul choreographed the dance routine for the movie, although I’m not sure how this might relate to her possibly retaining the rights to it.

Mind you, this wouldn’t be the first Faltermeyer piece/affiliated piece to get buried, are we still looking for his instrumental Bad Guys theme from Beverly Hills Cop II?