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The Top Ten Movie Pickup Trucks

10) Chevrolet K-2500 – Tango & Cash (1989)

This article is going to be a top ten, instead of the usual top five, mainly because there are too many selections to pick from here.  We’re going to have ourselves a top ten list of manliest pickups/trucks from movies. And you know, if you’re a man and don’t have at least a passing interest in pickups, jeeps, 4x4s, there is probably something wrong with you.  I do not wish to speculate on what that problem might be, but nevertheless let’s get to it.  Starting this off is the ‘RV from hell’ that appeared at the end of manly buddy cop movie Tango & Cash, from the manly year of 1989.

This is a heavily modified Chevy K-2500.  It’s a nice ride, but in my opinion time has not been kind to it.  It looked better 20 years ago, which is why it is back here at number 10.  Still, look at that thing.  It’s almost like something Keaton’s Batman (the ONLY Batman) has hidden somewhere in his batcave, along with all those bitches he brings home in his superior Batmobile.

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