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Dark Fate Is 2019’s 2nd Biggest Bomb

The biggest box office bomb of 2019 was X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a film that cost Fox and Disney a $133 million loss.  Not far behind it though was the execrable Terminator: Dark Fate.  The second biggest bomb of 2019.

Dark Fate cost the studio an eye watering $122 million in losses.

In the review for the site, I called the film the death of the franchise and with these numbers it’s looking like that was fairly accurate.  Along with disagreements between James Cameron and the director, Tim Miller, Linda Hamilton has also said she is ‘done’ with the franchise.

So what else for The Terminator?  Well there is the new game, Terminator: Resistance.  But reviews are hopping from ‘worst game of 2019’ to ‘best Terminator game ever’ from critics.