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The First Sign That Something Was Wrong…

Here’s the back of the GameBoy box for Robocop 2 (1991).  On the back of the box the following text can be read: Orion presents the next RoboCop Adventure in 1992, for all age groups.

This is of course paying reference to RoboCop 3, a child’s movie and radical departure from the first two movies.  RoboCop 3 was filmed in 1991, hence the prescient advertising on a 1991 video game for a 1993 movie, but Orion went bust, which is why they’re saying 1992, the movie being delayed as Orion was bought out.

Millennial kids will remember the blow up of RoboCop toys in the summer of 1993.  A whole bunch of figures was released.  That didn’t stop the film being a pile of shit.  Interestingly though the actual game shown above has some nice things going on.

For instance, the ‘extra’ plot for RoboCop 2 in the GameBoy release has the Nuke Cult/Cain capture an ED-209 unit and use it for criminal gain.  That would’ve been nice to see in the film, which is lacking action from ED.  An earlier version of the R2 script had protagonist two ED-209s battling the Cain cyborg at the end.  Oh well, you can always watch it here…