Today… we are going to talk about; voting fraud!

During the summer, I watched the worst movie of all time.  At the time I called it the ‘worst movie in 100 years’, but thinking back nothing worse than this existed even 100 years ago.  My surmise for Money Plane was…

I have watched maybe 1-2 thousand films over the years, including possibly more VODmit than anyone has ever watched.  A lot of the latter has been torturous, gruesome stuff that often takes multiple sittings to finish, I have seen the worst of the worst including Ken Shamrock’s The Bunker.  Then I was subjected to this.  A film so accursed, so execrable that the only thing I can do is warn people to not even pursue it on a whim out of morbid curiosity.

I gave the film a 0/10.  Probably the only time I’ll ever offer that verdict for a movie.  And today, I happened to notice the IMDb rating for the movie.  It’s sitting at an unbelievable 4.6/10.  I thought, man… someone’s getting a crazy and convenient number of bail out votes here!

Let’s look at the rating and screenshot it, 5th November (incase it changes):

Gee, over 700 people loved this movie so much, they gave it a straight 10/10, which just so happened to end up being the most popular rating after the next one, where the old majority considered it only worthy of a 1/10 (pretty close to my rating… see… I wasn’t exaggerating!).

An astute man, perhaps even a cynic, might postulate that someone is trying to rig the IMDb rating for Money Plane.

It’s still not as bad as the Turkish establishment rigging The Mountain II with 80,000 (!) 10/10 votes.  I exposed that here, and submitted it to the IMDb themselves for consideration.  Would you believe that they ignored me?  Like I said in that article, that movie came during peak Turk war mongering, acting as propaganda with meddling-tier buggery on the IMDb.

So fellas… it looks like there are magnets under the table!