I noticed recently that Michael Biehn gave a birthday shout out to the operator of a YouTube Channel, Alien Theory.  I thought it was nice of Biehn to give a nod to one of his fans like that.  During the video, I noticed something called ‘Cameo’ referenced, I wondered what it was.  Some type of new social media?

You could say that.

I looked it up, seeing if Biehn was uploading videos regularly and talking with fans, or something.  Only to find that it is some type of OnlyFans-esque TikTok-y video platform, where multi-millionaires stick the begging hat out.  Biehn recorded the message alright, but apparently only after he was paid $109.

I ventured further into the site and realized that Biehn’s price tag, in the scheme of things, was quite modest.  Take for instance Richard Dreyfuss.  Would you like this man to make a short video message to a request you send him?  That’ll be $1041.  One thousand forty one dollars!


Richard Dreyfuss: $1041 – Net Worth: $5 million
David Hasselhoff: $521  – Net Worth: $10 million
John C. McGinley: $468 – Net Worth: $10 million
Jeremy Piven: $417 – Net Worth: $30 million
Gary Busey: $364 – Net Worth: $0.5 million
Dolph Lundgren: $364 – Net Worth: $18 million
Michael Madsen: $360 – Net Worth: $6 million
Peter Weller: $312 – Net Worth: $8 million
Frank Stallone: $130 – Net Worth: $2.5 million

Note:  ‘Net worth’ is often unreliable and speculative at best.  However, the list goes on and on.  Too many for me to find more pertinent names through, with supposedly over 30,000 celebrities on there.  TV too of course, with 17 former Sopranos cast members for example.  If you’re wondering, missing in action are Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme. Although some on there redeem themselves.  Don Johnson, for example, while demanding over $500, apparently sends all of it to charity.

However, isn’t it a bit much that Frank Stallone would ask for over 100 dollars to issue a short video message?  I mean c’mon now!  You want me to give you money, because your brother is famous?


At any rate, takes 25% from each transaction, of which within its first year there were already 100,000, or around 2,000 people a day sending celebrities money for a shout out.  Some of these people I wouldn’t even bother Tweeting, let alone giving 1/10th of what they’re asking for.

Michael Rappaport, for example, alleged ‘comedian’ and ‘actor’, wants over $200 to send a video message.  He has already had 1,640 reviews.  This means that while requesting $207, Rappaport must have produced about $339,000, of which he would’ve taken $254,000.  Nice work, for doing nothing.

One sucker wrote:

Amazing cameo for a colleague. Just right in terms of funny, spicy and kind. Exceeded expectations for sure. Highly recommend!!

Unless of course, the site isn’t spammed with shill reviews, which wouldn’t be outrageous.  Meanwhile David Hasselhoff has had 295 reviews.  If someone reviewed him, they must have paid him.  That’s $153,000+

None of this should be surprising though.  What grown ‘men’ pay for online nowadays gets more shameful by the hour.  OnlyFans is now monstrously successful, thanks to pathetic simps.

Are you surprised?