Well, so far we only have one guy talking about this.  But it’s starting to look like Frank Stallone’s warning that The Expendables 4 is going to suck is starting to align with this test viewer’s feedback.  Check out further details below…

– Sly’s screentime is minimal as discussed in this forum.
– CGI was still a work in progress so I can’t definitely say it was a problem until I see the finished product.
– Yes, it did feel DTV.
– There were some different approaches with character development that were refreshing, but the approach felt off.
– This is still very early on; reshoots and more work could be done to improve the film. That’s why I encourage seeing the film to develop your own conclusions. A lot can change.

So the movie feels like a DTV project.  This sounds worryingly Lerner-esque.  But is that wretched comedy from the third disaster back?  Allegedly…

“how ‘roughly’ long was the film?” – Almost (2) hours
“same with the tone, comedy and dialogue” – Felt closest to Part 3, more R rated in terms of dialogue
“Is it explained why the new people are there like 50 cent and Fox, etc, and no Li, Crews or Snipes, etc?” – Not really

I don’t know if it’s yet time to break out the Uncle June funeral lament…


It was posted (rumored) here earlier this week that test screenings were taking place for The Expendables 4 this week.  After searching through some fan forums, the first attendee has appeared on none other than Sylvester Stallone’s official discussion forums.

He alluded to dissatisfaction with the following statement:

So I just got home from seeing the film….I need some time to process what I just saw and figure out a nice way of not discouraging the fanbase.

These people are usually unreasonably enthusiastic about Stallone projects, which isn’t surprising on a fan forum.  This sounds somewhat discouraging.

Still, this makes it 1-1.  Sort of, as the action/fight scenes are reportedly exemplary according to the only other known set of eyeballs that has seen this movie/parts of it and spoken openly.

Either way, I shall post more if I find them.  If it’s good feedback, it’ll be mentioned.  If it’s bad, that’ll be mentioned too.  I want the film to be good, hopefully grittier like the first.