A while back it was mentioned that James Gunn had cancelled Michael Keaton’s Batman comeback.  When the fuck did Gunn become lord and ruler of all of these expensive DC movies, anyway?  At any rate, the bad news may have been somewhat premature.

According to Collider, Peter Safran said the following this week:

“We are a multiverse still. But the main thing that we’re focusing on right now is creating the universe that people kind of put their feet into. And then out of that, if we want to have multiverse tales, which I actually know, one of the things we’re working on does have multiverse tale. You know, we’ll have that in there.”

A hint, according to the website, that more Keaton Batman is on the way.  It actually sort of it, with Keaton allegedly appearing in Aquaman 2.

Let’s face it, the only reason people have any interest in The Flash is because Keaton’s Batman is in it.  It’s kind of like opening a cereal box just to get at the toy inside it then throwing the rest aside.  I’m sure the bean counters with their focus groups will notice this.

Let’s hope Gunn doesn’t ruin everything.