TRAILER: FUBAR (2023) – ManlyMovie


Man, I forgot about Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s definitely not a good thing. I just figured Arnold had stopped caring, with schlock like Gunther and those new ‘Terminator’ sequels.  He hasn’t been in a movie since 2019 and hasn’t been in a decent movie in years before that.

Anyway, above Arnold declares that he’s back in the trailer for Fubar.

Synopsis: Luke and his daughter Emma have lied to each other for years, both of them not knowing the other is a CIA operative. Once they both learn the truth, they realize they don’t actually know anything about each other.

The show is released on Netflix this May and will be Arnold’s first big TV gig. Well, I assume it’ll be big anyway.  There will be eight episodes, all released at once on the 25th of that month.  I’ll reserve judgement, but I suppose Arnold needs something fresh.  Maybe this is it. Maybe it is not.  Who the fuck knows!

Also, Arnold is rumored to star in another TV series, Outrider.  In that show, if it ever happens, Arnold will allegedly play a Marshall breaking all rules to catch a ruthless killer pissant outlaw.  That one sounds good.