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Christian Slater talks Bullet To The Head and working with Stallone

Christian Slater is in Bullet To The Head (2013), soon to be released.  Magazine Total Film conducted an interview with him in their February hard copy magazine (I.e. it can’t be found online).  It’s good to see an old 90’s action man getting back into things, and not surprisingly, it was Stallone’s doing.  Here’s a transcript of the Bullet questions and one on Sly.

TF: How did you get Cast in Bullet To The Head?

CS: I had bumped into Sly Stallone on a flight to Arizona a few years ago.  He was going to watch his daughter play volleyball at some game and I was going to some spa or something.  We talked about how it would be nice to work together at some point in the future.  Then The Expendables came out and I sent him an email.  I thought he did a great job directing it.  And then this movie came along.  I went in and met Walter Hill.  He was like, “To be honest with you, this isn’t the greatest part.  It would be nice if there was more of it, and I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but I’ve always wanted to work with you.”  I’d certainly always wanted to work with him.  For me it was the opportunity to do a movie with Joel Silver, Sly and Walter – and actually do a studio movie.  It wasn’t my ideal role but I figured I’ve got this opportunity and I’m going to have fun and make the most of it.  I took it very seriously.

TF: So how was it working with Sly?

CS: Working with Sly was great.  He was again a pro.  Even in the small scene we had, I had my moment with him.  As an actor it was a treat and a joy.  He’s a cool guy and somebody I’ve always admired and loved.  Would I like to work with him again?  Of course!  I got a little dabble of it and it was nice.  And I put my toe back in the pool of studio-ness.

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