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So why did Stallone delete that tweet?

So… Sly Tweeted the following last night:  “@TheSlyStallone Wesley Snipes is BACK!!!! … …with US”.  Well, we all expected it.  Snipes is out of the joint under house arrest and in need of work.  So that’s where Mr. ‘I like to give fallen people a hand’ Stallone comes in.  And this practically confirmed it.  But then Stallone deleted the Tweet.  Obvious question is why? Well who knows, it’s more a positive than a negative and Sly probably just jumped the gun in some form or another.  Snipes‘ legal difficulties interfered with The Expendables and The Expendables 2.  He was always supposed to be cast.

Since then, Sly has gone back to talking about God.  Gibson, that is. “Mel is a MAGNIFICENT director! Pure passion on every level . we’d be blessed to have him.. A REAL long shot, but LIFE is a long shot -right?”.  Kinda suggests what I’d suspected – Mel will probably turn it down.  Stallone is right though, good on ya defending Mel, Sly (Again).