Stallone wants Mel Gibson to direct Expendables 3?! – ManlyMovie

Stallone wants Mel Gibson to direct Expendables 3?!

Stop the fucking press! Stallone posted this on Twitter shortly ago:  “@TheSlyStallone: No , I was kiddiing about , but seriously , what about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES 3? Opinions anyone ? Curious…..”  Well, I don’t need to be asked for my opinion.  While back I opined that Mr. Gibson should be the number one consideration above all others for this movie, regardless if he is directing or acting.  But directing would be even better  I mean, we don’t even need to explain how and why this man is an unearthly director.  And not just skilled, but with an eye for the visceral too.  A student of Donner too.  Now, some detective work.  Id thought that West would probably return, but the guy has no less than four movies in the pipe, and EX3 will shoot later this year, it looks like West is out.  Meanwhile, Mel’s slate is completely clean (a fucking outrage!) as both director and actor.  Sly, make it happen.

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